Monday, September 19, 2011

Arwen serves me up

Setting the scene :  Puff is folding laundry in the kitchen.  Frodo is having snack in his high chair which is also in the kitchen. Frodo spies book on the floor, leans over as far as he can, strains against the restraints and the tray, reaching for the book. (It's actually quite comical). Arwen walks by, on her way to go play outside,  without missing a strep, bends down, picks up book, and drops it on Frodo's tray, continues on to the door. Frodo eeks with delight. 

Puff:  Thank you Arwen, that was a very kind thing you did for Frodo.

Arwen:(stops and turns around to me, confused): Well I just didn't want him to hurt himself.

Puff: I know (confused at the defensive answer) that's why I thanked you........(Something occurred to me). Hey, hold up, do my "Thank you's" sound sarcastic?

Arwen: Well not all of them.

Yuup, I've been served.

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The Ranter said...


BTW, I voted for you in the Cannonball Awards!!

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