Monday, August 1, 2011

Lord Simcoe Day- Have a Barbecue and a Beer

For those who don't know, Lord John Graves Simcoe, was a governor of Upper Canada in the 1790's and he was the first governor anywhere in the British Empire to to pass laws ending slavery.  The abolition of Slavery in Canada, allowed for the success of the Underground Railroad to establish and flourish.

I wonder if those in charge of the Caribana Festival, that occurs every year on this weekend, know that little piece of history.  But alas, Simcoe Day had its official name changed to....ta da... August Civic Holiday.

Ho hum dee hum dee hum.


Left-footer said...

He sounds a good man.

As to holidays, here in Poland, Corpus Christi is still called that, and even in Warsaw the police close roads so people can process for about 90 minutes and kneel in the street.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

That is great. Political Correctness is rampant in Toronto.

Idiots at City Hall, a few years ago, tried to change the Official Name of the City's Christmas Tree, a huge real everygreen erected every year in Nathan Phillips Square (City Hall's Square, Red)to -- The Holiday Tree.

Apparently these people, the majority of whom were probably Christian in Name Only, were concerned that the name Christmas would be offensive to non Christians. The backlash ended when our then JEWISH mayor said, and I quote: It's a CHRISTMAS tree.

Although I must admit, that on Good Friday, St. Francis of Assisi has a huge procession for the Crucifixion. It's parading Stations of the Cross. It closes down several of the downtown streets. So maybe were aren't so secular, yet.

Here's part one of this year

And part two

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