Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Cannonball Awards Nominations are Open

The Crescat, has opened up her nominations.

From her post above.

The categories are:

Best Blog By A Religious

Best Political Blog

More Catholic Than The Pope

Best Armchair Theologian

Best Visual Treat

Most Church Militant

Best New Kid on The Block

Best Blog By A Heretic

Best Under Appreciated Blog

Best Spiritual Treat

Best Bat Shit Crazy

Best Popery of Potpourri

Snarkiest Catholic Blog

Most Hifreakinlarious

Best Blog That Needs to be Updated More Often

*Rules, disclaimers, fine print and legalese: When making nominations please indicate category, blog name and include blog link. ....

Nominees and winners of the 2011 Catholic Cannonball Awards™© receive no prizes, just the sweet sweet satisfaction that they were only slightly better than no one else really all that special. They reserve bragging rights and the distinction of being fantastical ordinary! Yay! You're an awesome average blogger. Enjoy your victory.

Voting will begin in a special poll on September 17, 2011
See the full list of rules and legalese at the above link.
There is no category, for Best blog By One Who Should "Stop Blogging and Just Be a Mother/Father/Whatever"  Maybe it could be suggested for me.  Hey, it was suggested that that is what I should do, maybe it's true, who knows.

So please: Go nominate a blog, preferably mine, but not necessary.

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