Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Arwen is Training Frodo Well

Apparently the whole adoring sibling thing can be reduced to whether the siblings both love or detest Barney.

Arwen (to Frodo):
I love you, You love me
Let's get together and get rid of Barney
With a great big push, Barney's out the door.
No more Purple Dinosaur.

Puff: Why are you singing that to Frodo?

Arwen: Cuz I don't wanna hate Frodo, like I hate Galadriel.

Puff: Huh?

Arwen:  Galadriel and I were bound to hate each other.

Puff: Why?

Arwen: Well she LOOOOVED Barney, and I can't stand him.

Puff: Ahh, but why that song?

Arwen: Because he is too young for:
I hate you , you hate me
Let's get together and get rid of Barney
Put a shotgun to his head, blow the guy away.
I don't want to play today.

Puff:  Gotcha, now get your feet off your brother.


Dim Bulb said...

I also hate Barney. If Arwen is looking for a hit-man with a shotgun I'm willing to work for an all day sucker.

Anonymous said...

DimBulb: Up here they are called lollipops, and I want to know if the all-day ones are the really big ones with the short stick, and have different coloured swirls.


mary333 said...

My daughter never watched Barney because her older cousins were ALWAYS making fun of him. When they realized she was watching Teletubbies all hell broke loose!

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Frodo has absolutely no control over the TV, which means he watches whatever is on when someone else turns it on.

Which with the girls means a steady diet of Wizards of Waverly Place and icarly,(Arwen) Degrassi, and mmtop20.ca (Galadriel)

They do condescend to let him watch Max and Ruby.


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