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All the Irish Bishops to be removed

According to Paolo Rodari, the vaticanist:

My translation

The Roman Curia is thinking to request the resignations of all the Irish Bishops, about 20, nominated before 2003. The proposal, made some weeks ago made by Fr. Vincent Twomey, former student of Benedict XVI and professor of the Irish Seminary in Maynooth, is being discussed by those in the Vatican who called to roles of responsibility. Even if it lacks the Papal Blessing, there aren’t just a few who hold that the resignations would be the appropriate sign offered to a church in obvious difficulty. It was in 2003 that then Card. Ratzinger obtained from John Paul II the concession of certain special faculties to manage from Rome the cases of "graviora delicta", among these the cases of priests who abuse of minors. Before that date, the responsibility was mainly in the hands of the individual bishops.

July 20, it was the Irish Prime Minister Enday Kennedy, with governmental reports in hand to accuse the highest summits of the catholic hierarchy have protected the pedophile priests in the diocese of Cloyne governed until 2010 by the "secretary of three Popes" John Magee.

The Vatican announced to PM. Kenny that it would answer about the end of August with a statement that the Secretary of State is preparing. But across the Tiber there is discussion to support the Twomey proposal. “It is the only way – wrote Ratzinger’s former student- to guarantee the transparency in the Pedophile Scandal.” A road which, in course, would leave in the saddle on the Irish Church only the Archbishop of Dublin Diarmid Martin (who gave lengthy service in the Roman Curia from 1986 to 2001 as undersecretary and then Secretary of Justice and Peace) among the first to make the rules of the Pope enforced as his own. Martin, in accordance with Rome, can offer the nominations of apostolic administrators the would substitute, at first without episcopal dignities, the dioceses left vacant. And at the same time, incorporated the smaller diocese into the larger dioceses in a way to guarantee the best control and efficacy.

The Pope is under attack not only for the Irish Problem, but also for the dissent against Rome manifested in Austria, The US, and Australia by vast groups by and large of Catholic Priests and faithful requesting the abolition of the celibate Priesthood, the conferring of the Priesthood to women, and communion to remarries Divorce(e)s. What will the Pope do to fight this fire?

“Nothing. Rest at Castel Gandolfo, at the Summer retreat which for the second consecutive prefers the Alps.” Is read in the principal irish newspapers. Newspapers which have embroidered the news out of the Castello and offered July 22 by Osservatore Romano: the days the Pope has, “major time and space for meditation , personal reading, attention to nature, distress.” And again, “ Walks in the green, usually in the afternoon, given to the marian prayer of the rosary with a secretary and his closest advisors, normally ending in front of the Image of the Madonna dear to Pius XI.”

The foreign press have failed to underscore one thing: For Ratzinger silence and rest are for him occasions to work. Because for him to govern the church is not only to think and adopt efficacious practical measures, but also other things. As he wrote one his blog, the vaticanist Sandro Magister, infact Benedict XVI knows that the Crises of the church are not resolved by changing od practices as requested by its critics, but with a more living and true faith” A clear example of this modus operandi is March 10, 2010. In the days in which the New York Times was heralding the case of Fr. Lawrence Murphy and his abuse of minors perpetuated in a Deaf school in Wisconsin, the Pope explained that “ to govern the church is not to simply do, but above all to think and to pray.” And again: “ One doesn’t govern the church just by using commands and (in)struct(ions), but by guiding and illuminating the souls.”

This is why, seen with these eyes, there is no clash of the images which arrive from Castel Gandolfo. While the international Media report the Irish Indignation, Benedict XVI is immortalized while he smiles observing some citizens of Traunstein (a small town of Southern Bavaria where Ratzinger celebrated his first mass, July 8, 1951) who putting on a traditional ballet, Ireland is thinking about Ireland. As are the discourses(speeches?) to prepare for his trips to Spain, in August, and Germany in September. Then the third and last part of the book on Jesus of Nazareth and the theme of faith to dissect in view of 2012, which is the year which the church will dedicate to this theological virtue. At the Castel the intervention(statement) of PM Enda Kenny to parliament was read with attention. In particular those statements of Ratzinger that Kenny cited to demonstrate a certain apathy of the Head of the Catholic Church before the Problem of Pedophile Priests:

“ Standards of Appropriate conduct in Civil Society or in the functioning of a democracy cannot be purely and simply applied to the Church” Ratzinger said. Words that Kenny extrapolated from Paragraph 39 of the instruction of the 1990 “ Donum veritatis” on ecclesiastical vocation. The text was signed by Ratzinger when he was prefect for the Doctrine of the Faith. Ratzinger wasn’t speaking of the truth of faith but of the fact these could not be put to a democratic vote. (“Truth is not determined by a majority vote,”-Statement??)

And, in any case, it was not in reference to clerical pedophilia. But Kenny cited it as such, and his words have provoked indignation.

Even the Financial Times was outraged. And in an fiery editorial, as well as defining the Vatican "arrogant", the authoritative London newspaper has also said that only a few premiers can afford to attack so directly the Holy See as did Kenny. Because only a few have a valid reason to do so. Kenny, naturally, is one of these. That the Vatican is considering the resignations of the bishops and works in every way to resolve the complex situation does not obviously signify that it will drop its socks on the request, defined by Monsignor Girotti, in an interview by the Foglio as “inadmissible,” the abolition of the (Secrecy) Seal of the Confessional.

Ratzinger wants a clean church, but doesn’t want the church to renounce that which is its own sacraments, its own history.

It is a conduct that the Pope maintained even with the Legionnaires of Christ. At the very middle of July, unexpectedly and in almost total silence from the media, the Holy See demonstrated of being just a step away from solving a case used by the accusers to show that the Vatican cultivates pedophilia at home: the case of Carcial Maciel Degollado, the priest founder of the Legionnaires, that under the pontificate of the Wojtyla other than gaining vocations by the hundreds abused minors and maintained a relationship with a woman with whom he had a daughter. “If from the fruits, you know the tree, how does one explain the fruit so luxurious (the Legionnaires) from a tree so rotten (Marcial Maciel)?” (A question) Recently asked via a monsignor of the roman curia to Benedict XVI.” All is a mystery, even for me.” Answered the Pope. He doesn’t want the end of the Legionnaires when the expulsion of the dissidents, a few people still loyal to Maciel. Despite a Vatican often too quickly described as incapable to govern and offer adequate responses to problems, the recent turn(break) on the Legionnaires is a notable passage. The pope on July 9, 2010 nominated Velasio De Paolis his delegate to the Legionnaires. His one duty: superintendent of the transition of the internal powers of the Legion of the from the most faithful of Maciel and others. After a year de Paolis seemed to have done nothing, even the Roman curia began to grumble. “What is De Paolis doing?” they would wonder more. With a Vatican under attack, accused of covering for pedophiles, the attention on De Paolis was beginning to be a problem. Then in mid July, the turn(break) . Revealed the decision to remove Fr. Luis Garza Medina from the summit of the Legion. Garza was old guard. Until the end he defended Maciel. Until the end he tried to stay in power. But then he capitulated.

Ratzinger governs from afar. With arguments, homilies, encyclicals, he calls the church to internal reform, reform of the heart. But together acts with corrections of broken practices although unseen very effective. And again it is Magister who merits define Benedict XVI, “the Legislator Pope.” He says” To be the Legislator “defines the essential trait of his profile, of his vision on how to govern the church.”

Because “if the tempest that for some decades has tormented the church is due to the “fissure” to its tradition and identity”- as Pope Benedict XVI has said on many occasions, from the memorable speech to the Roman Curia, December 22, 2005 of the interpretation of the Second Vatican Council- “one of these fissure lines is on the ground(base) of canon law.”

It is to remedy these abuses that Ratzinger became a legislator, promoter of new laws especially in the liturgical, financial, criminal and ecumenical fields. With a guiding criterion: the reform in the continuity. A criterion that as regards pedophilia has as its high point of expression in 2010 when it approved the new rules on “delicta graviora” and in particular on sexual abuse.

In addition to the laws, and the increasing higher level of study, of seminarians: a vertex for the “Global Response to the Problem of Sexual Abuse and to the tutelage of the vulnerable,” is to be organized from the 6th to the 9th February 2012 at the Gregorian Pontifical University, with the suppert of the various dicasteries of the Holy Sea and the Pope’s Blessing. It will be titled “ Toward Healing and Renovation. Words that recall the Letter that Ratzinger wrote to the Irish Catholics in March of 2010

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