Friday, June 17, 2011

Okay I have a question

On some conservative blogs, I notice that some complain about women wearing pants.

Firstly, pants originally meant (underwear) now women wearing underwear, you'd think that a conservative would highly approve of women NOT going commando.

Assuming that by pants they ( those opposed to women wearing them) mean slacks then my question changes to:

What's wrong with women wearing slacks?

I live in my slacks, jeans, etc.  I am a SAHM mother, and I don't vacuum or clean house, or play on the floor with Frodo in my cashmere sweater set, A-line skirt with crinoline, high heels and pearls ( I'm trying to allude to June Cleaver) when I do. 

So exactly what's the beef with slacks and jeans for women?

I, gasp, have even worn slacks, nicely pressed, and clean, to mass on Sundays.  I don't see the problem. 

They cover my legs, more and better than a skirt or dress.  If Frodo is on my lap and starts acting up, he can't cause my lap be become uncovered, as he has done when I am wearing a dress or skirt. So really what's the big deal?


mary333 said...

I don't know, Puff. I live in pants all of the time. I even wear slacks to Church except on special occasions. Personally, I feel very uncomfortable in dresses. People like to nitpick pant-wearers but the truth is:
God knows the reverence which we carry in our hearts and love is what matters. There is nothing wrong with wearing dresses, either. It might do folks who dislike pants much more good to concentrate on the condition of their inner self and not be so focused on whether their neighbor wears slacks or skirts.

Puff, thank you for the prayers for my Pastor. I appreciate it.

ignorant redneck said...

I think it's about blurring the lines between gender roles, and in the case of some Biblical Literalists the Scriptural prohibition against cross dressing--which is rooted in some forms of Pagan worship.

In reference to the Mass, it seems to be about too casual dress.

Otherwise, it seems to be about CFM slacks that show the line of the lower body very clearly, and strikes many as immodest.

I think it's an over reaction--women's slacks are cut much differently than men's trousers, with different detailing and ornamentation. At mass, I'd rather se a woman in a nice, modest pair of slacks that are not tacky or dirty than some slutty short or slit skirt skirt--and I do see those from time to time.

I have to admit a preference for mantillas our chapel veils, or hats, though.

Scripture to keep in mind

Six things there are, which the Lord hateth, and the seventh his soul detesteth: [17] Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, [18] A heart that deviseth wicked plots, feet that are swift to run into mischief, [19]A deceitful witness that uttereth lies, and him that soweth discord among brethren. [20] My son, keep the commandments of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother. ***Cf:Douay-Rheims Proverbs 6: 16-20


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