Sunday, June 5, 2011

The New Translation Yippee, but some feel that it isn't enough.

Vox Cantoris

has a post which cites a priest who believes that the new translation is not enough.  That was is really necessary is a return of the Mass being celebrated Ad Orientem. 

As much as I think this would be admirable,laudable and even right, I don't think it would be doable.  OF is a dialogue mass, and a good many parts of the mass require dialogue with the priest.  Furthermore, for all those who prefer the OF and detest the EF, they would be so up in arms, I worry that a complete ad orientem mass might breed more discord.  I could just hear them now,  those EFfers, it's not enough that they have their own form, now they have to ram their form down our throats. Oh, you know I am right. 

Besides as the rubrics stand now, there are some parts in the mass rubrics that clearly say things like  the priest,  facing the people does this or that or something.   It would suggest that if the priest is told to face the peole now,  he, at the moment before, was not facing the people. I had a copy of Celebrate in Song, but I gave it to my MIL.  And yet I remember, of the few rubrics they did print in there, that they had one  or two "The priest facing the people, says/...)  One could argue then ,that except for those two parts the priest is NOT facing the people.

This means that the priest can already say the mass ad orientem at some places.  All then, that would be required would be his catachising the parish, about the change the priest would be making, not the mass itself.  Some of these particular rubrics haven't changed from the Latin, even after 40 years.

I agree with the priest, I too would like to see the altar set up symmetrically again ( candles on both ends of the mensa ( I would love the six ( 3 and 3) but even the two would be great) , crucifix in the middle, instead of the set up mentioned in the Priests letter on Vox Cantor's post.  Two candles or more on the left side and a basket of flowers ofn the right.  What the.. 

But I am not allowed to comment on the set up of the altar or sanctuary.  We have no say.  There are no altar guilds, there is only the Priest and the sacristan.

Maybe this priest should talk to other priests.  maybe, maybe.. just an idea.. since the Bishop is responsible for the administration and celebration of the sacraments and the liturgy in his diocese, he should write his bishop or, go further and send his letter to the National College of Bishops.  OR even to Ecclesia Dei, Or DWDS

Us discussing it ad nauseum here, does nothing.  He needs to talk to priests.


ignorant redneck said...

Actually, Celebration of the OF ad orientam is allowable under the rubrics, without needing any permission--the celebration versus populam is an option! The priest faces the people when he says things they are to respond too, and during the Liturgy of the Word.

During the Liturgy of the Eucharist, he can face east except for things like the Sursam Corda, and the Pax. BTW, the exchange of the sign of peace by the assembled faithful is also optional--it doesn't have to be done.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Thank you, IR.

I hadn't read all the rubrics and committed them to memory before I gave the book to my MIL

Her parish hasn't even informed her that a new translation has been approved. And no she doesn't have a computer let alone the internet.

She was surprised when I told her there would be changes come this advent.

Further to your statement of Ad orientem, then that proves more my statement that the priest's letter should be addressed to other priests and bishops and Rome.

We laicists have no say in what happens in the sanctuary.

ignorant redneck said...


I have twice been around when the laity did intervene in what occured in the sanctuary--once by simply filing past the priest and complaining, on once by filling the basket with empty envelopes.

Both times, worked.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

That fills me with hope, I'll reserve judgement about my parish until after Advent.

The Pastor we have now does NOT ad lib like the last, and is very good.

There is also a woman, who like me would like to start and altar guild. Maybe we can do some good. Though My contribution to the altar guld will have to wait just al ittle longer. She did give me the measurements for the mensa. I plan on making some altar cloths and donating them to Saint Cecilia.

She was very helpful.

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