Monday, June 20, 2011

It was Father's Day, Yesterday and the day before

Bear, on Saturday, had taken out Arwen for a Arwen and Daddy day.  She's been feeling a little neglected ever since Frodo was born, and Nonno dying and Nonna needing attention, and and and.

So she decided that they would go to the Art Gallery of Ontario./ Bear loves the AGO.

Now there was great preparation for this event.

First I had to "steal" dad's keychain  after he went to sleep on Friday; she had made a key chain fob at school and we put his keys on the fob, and then she put it in a box, and put it in her pocket. Then when dad was looking for his keys, I was supposed to get him to stop looking after five minutes.  I was supposed to say something like:  Look they've got to be in the house, you go and have fun, and I will ask St. Anthony's to help.  Give Tony a few hours to locate the keys.

No Problem.  Anyway, they head off.

When they get back,  Bear knocks on the door, I don't answer, and then Arwen gives him the fob.

Arwen has a knack for not only giving gifts, but knowing how to present the gifts.

Sunday, it was dad's choice as to what we did.  He chose visiting his mum and the cemetary to visit his dad.
It was a pleasant reflective day- And Trinity Sunday to boot.

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