Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Really don't like the EF of The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

At the risk of being flamed, I just wanted to get that out there.

Now, I detest the clown masses and the this masses and the that masses.

What I prefer is the OF of the Holy Mass, done properly, according to the rubrics.

But my particular gripe against the EF is that well, all the times I've attended the EF, it has been almost all sottovoce. 

I have the booklet, I follow along, and I get to the part where it says 3 bells and all I hear is 1.

So I figure I'm at the wrong part, so I skip ahead to where it says 1 bell, and then when I get to the next bells, there is silence, and the priest isn't doing what the missal says he should be doing. I get lost. 

Now, I fully admit, that maybe just maybe, I am an idiot. ( Though, my IQ has been tested at 150, but let's just say I am too stupid to figure it out.)  I find it irritating to be lost, and can't orient myself to the bells and the priests posture.

Though I have heard there are priests who celebrate ad alta voce the EF, not apparently near where I live.

So If anyone is taking a survey of who likes which form I prefer a well celebrated OF.

Oh, and though I don't wear a mantilla at present, because Frodo thinks it neat to pull it off my head, and when I put a hairpin to hold it in place he pulled so hard, it tore. An antique mantilla, ruined.

That's it

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