Thursday, June 23, 2011

Have you ever had one of those days,

when you are really really pissed off and upset and justifiably and righteously angry, but all you've got are sound bite opinions and can't make a logical argument in any way shape or form, making you even more frustrated.

So I will give you my sound bites and maybe you can figure out my position

The EIE (That's the:  Equity and Inclusivity Education, there Red) Policy was approved back in May by the TCDSB (That's the Toronto Catholic District School Board, there Red)

A Trustee of that same School board, in her newsletter, brought home by our daughter, states clearly that Archbishop Collins approved the EIE, and stated that it met the goals of the School Board, in reference to teaching the faith.

If this is true, could she please explain to me, why then he sent a a notice to the churches asking the faithful to sign a petition to reject the Policy as written. Huh?

I stated that the School Board needs to protect our children.  I was rebuked for saying that. It's the bishop's faults, it's the parent's fault, it's McGuinty's faut (that's the premier, Ontario's Governor, there Red) and more than that it is the trustees' fault. But it is not the fault of those who work for the Board.

Really. Seven trustees, came up with amendments that would have gone a long way to protecting the denominational rights of the board schools, which the Supreme court of Canada has stated are absolute.  No law can abrogate those rights.  And yet the committee set up to examine the amendments, disapproved of more than half of the amendments.  The advice they were getting was from Board staff, and Board hired lawyers.  I even think the commitee consisted on Board Staff, not trustees. So tell me again how board staff are not responsible. But the Trustees are responsible.

McGuinty is a wuss.  He's worse than that he's a political wuss. When the Homosexual Special interest groups wanted to get gay sex ed into the elementary Public Schools, the parents protested and he backed down.  Can't the bishops do the same thing with this EIE crap.  McGuinty gets petitions and a protest out side his office from the taxpayers/voters and he will back down. He did it before, he will back down again. Mc Guinty is a non issue.  All we need is the parents and the bishops, and the teachers, protesting down at Queen's Park (that's the Provincial House of Commons, the provincial legislature, there Red), and case closed.

As for the parents.  Well, yeah, if the parents did there jobs properly, and instruct there kids, then there kids would be in no dangers of being led astray.  Our daughter was able to see through the GSA ( Gay Straight Alliance) presentation, where they openly mocked said the church is wrong,  beautifully.

Those are my sound bites

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