Sunday, June 5, 2011

Family Dinners Omnibus Post

My family enjoyed themselves last night

Considering the fact the my sister and I have been arguing, I was a little worried about last night.  But my sister and her family and my mom, and my mom's friend came and enjoyed themselves.  Fun and goodtimes were was had by all.

I gave them the same dinner that my inlaws got last week.  ( It rained, so BBQ was out)

They liked it though, and stayed well past the dinner.  The kids enjoyed and that was the most important.

Bear did the dishes. ( Yay!)

I will upate this post with photos soon.

As for next week, Bear decided (and since it is his family he gets to decide) the menu will be .....

One with many choices.  Mantilla covered nod to Dim Bulb, Bear loved your idea, and I have barely any prep time and nothing to do after they arrive - yay me

The Prep time in bold red

Home made hamburgers 
A surprisingly easy recipe to prep --and when I add tomato sauce, it doubles as my meatloaf recipe. And should it rain it will become meatloaf  
(prep 10 minutes - up to two hours before) 
store bought
(5 seconds place scissors scissors handily near the BBQ, so chef can cut the packages)

Toasted ~Or~ Not
My Bakery makes small Italian rolls that are absolutely delicious.
Hotdogs will have the packaged buns
(ah, 2 minute to pre-cut the hamburger buns)

Potato French Fries ( in oven)
Vinegar ~Or~Not  
(2 seconds to turn on the oven to preheat, and 1 minute to lay them out on the pan, 1 minute to take out of oven and place in giant bowl)

Vegetable based ~Or~Not
All ~Or~Some
Lettuce, tomato, onion, relish, catsup, peppers
Mustard, Bear's famous BBQ sauce, HP Sauce, Vinegar (white or Red Wine)
(5 minutes  to slice the tomatoes and onions, I can do this at the same time I prep the burgers up to two hours ahead)

Beer~ Or~ Soft ~Or~ water
(0 Seconds)

Birthday Cake
With  Ice Cream ~Or~ not
(0 Seconds)

Coffee ~Or~Tea
0 Seconds, Bear handles the coffee and tea making

Everything placed on Sideboard and everyone helps themselves.

Question: since we will all be getting our food slightly at different times, when would we say grace before meals, you might ask.  Well, grace before meals would be done individually but we would them say grace after meals at the coffee/ tea stage.

The Best part of this is that for a couple of beers, Bear's brother, Uncle Red to the kids, will gladly handle the BBQ'ing. And since he left some beer here last week, that's easily done.

I may even go with paper plates,  and save my self the clean up.

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