Monday, June 20, 2011

About EIE at the TCDSB

According to Canon Law, it is forbidden for a Catholic to belong to any group whose philosophy is contary to catholic Church teaching.  For a Catholic to belong to such a group is  latae sententiae excommunication.   That means that no ecclesiastical authority needs to pronounce the judgement.  You do it to yourself, by joining and espousing the philosophy of am organization which is blatantly hostile to Catholicism

One such group to which Catholics are forbidden to subscribe are the FreeMasons, another is any Planned Parenthood or Pro-Choice organisation, among others.

The GSA, has shown clearly, by its presentation, is hostile to Catholicism. For a Catholic Board to permit this group into the Schools, where children, not yet fully formed in the Faith, but post Confirmation, who have taken their bapstismal vows of there own accord, may be encouraged to join, they are in grave danger of excommunication, most especially, if they begin to espouse the GSA party line: The church is wrong.

What then of the children's confirmation, and their Baptism oaths which they promised of their own accord in Confirmation.

I'm disgusted

Fellow Catholics, please pray that our Trustees grow a few pairs.

The Supreme Court of Canada, has stated for the record that denominational rights of the school boards, Catholic in Ontario and Anglican in Quebec, are absolute as guaranteed in the constitution. McGuinty threat to remove funding from catholic schools because they insist on maintaining the Catholic Faith is unconstitutional. All this crap came about and was possible when the board accepted money for grades 11 and 12. Tear up the agreement.  Every Catholic School should pull out as St. Mike's did. way back when.

If that means that funding falls back to the end of grade 10, then so be it.

Apparently it isn't the custodians fault.  And there are lots of people who work for the board, who have tried to fight this.  Therefore I have removed my statement against the rank and file employees of the board.

But I have done what was asked. The Archbishop asked us to sign a petition to ask the trustees to defeat the motion to accept this version of the policy.


ignorant redneck said...

Puff--could you please explain the abbreviations? I have no idea what this post is talking about in detail, and would really like too.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Toronto Catholic District School Board


Equity and Inclusivity Education (Program)

Gay Straight Alliance

If you want the whole skinny
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Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Red, these might help too. Bear's posts will tell you from whence I come


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