Thursday, May 19, 2011

What to write

Sometimes I look at my stats and wonder why people find particular posts interesting enough to come by.  Then I post osmeting I htink they will like and no one comes by.  I h ave no idea what I should write about.  Maybe the problem isn't so much about writing what people want to read, but rather what they need to hear.  THe only problem with that is the very limited times I have done that, some one always gets pissed off.

Please check in once in a while while I figure out what my next post will be.  I am considering doing five topics.  ONe each day of the week.  One Day of the week the topic will  always be the embroidery for the altar and then other religious embroidery.

Another might be showcasing a particular saint.  First Tuesday - a Doctor of the Church, Second Tuesday a Religious ( be it priest, or nun) 3rd Tuesday a martyr - either male or female. 4th Tuesday a layperson.  And the rare fifth Tuesday - any ideas?

Now ideas for Wednesdays - Catechism 1010, ah may be not

Any way I'll keep thinking about it and let you know as I progress



Mary333 said...

I can never figure out what makes people read certain posts over others either. My most popular posts seem to be the ones where I'm kidding around - the serious posts get far fewer comments.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

I don't particularly look for comments, more my stats as to where they come in and where to click out. and more importantly how long they stay.

Most of them stay 0 seconds, which means they don't even let the page finish loading before they've left the site.

Anyway, I wonder if it isn't vain to want alot of readers. Am I jealous of those with more hits per day. Maybe I am jealous. Maybe the type of readers I have is a thousand times more important than how many I have.

I like each and everyone of my my followers, even though, and maybe because, they aren't many.

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