Sunday, May 22, 2011

Of Altar Guilds

There is a poll on the side bar.  go vote.  Just curious


The Ranter said...

My old parish did in the early years, but then, of course came the 'ghost of Vatican II' (which I'd like to get an exorcism done for), and they disappeared. I think it would be a good idea to suggest it for my new parish, though. Do you have any links on existing altar guilds to get one started?

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Not yet. this poll came into my mind from a discussion on Father Z's blog. There they just keep repeating no altar girls. They don't suggest altar guilds or anything for the girls to do. So I had suggested the altar guild- and then I realized they really don't exist, anymore.

The altar guild is responsible to arrange the altar and sacristy for Mass. Wash, polish etc etc, trim the candles etc etc. They can, I think think even "make" the altar linens.

The girls can be taught to embroider and make lace etcetc. for the linens. I know once, the guild got some money from the parish, and with it made a complete set a matching altar cloths.

Everything from Tabernacle veil to purificators. With the EF not allowing altar girls, the girls might want something all their own.

The Ranter said...

I think it's a lovely tradition that ought to be revived, especially with sewing and other such things becoming a lost craft. I might have to do a little more investigating on starting an altar guild.

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