Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 10, 2011

It's Census Day in Canada.

Bear and I received the short form.  I would have preferred the long form.  I do a lot of geneological research and the amount of information I have gotten from the past censes has been indescribably beneficial.  There was a huge debate( read contoversy) when the government wanted to scrap the long form. 

I, for one, would have preferred the long form.  How else is the government supposed to figure out how many children need childcare or schools.  How many are possibly going to university in the future. How many elderly require special programs  etc etc. 

There is a Household survey, which has taken the place of the Obligatory Long form but it is only voluntary.

And the Agricultural Survey is still around.

I viewed the Household Survey online.  It isn't too invasive. 

And you are asked on all three forms,  point blank if in 92 years your census answers can be made available to family and historical researchers.  In fact each person in the census is required to answer and must be directly asked.  ( I asked Frodo, he squealed happily, I took that as a yes)  I would like to know how to get this the Household Survey. I feel it is important for future generations and historians to understand exactly what the Canadian Family looks like.  But hey that's just me.

To fellow Canadians fill out your census forms.  Furture generations want and need to know. 

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