Friday, May 13, 2011

The Instruction on Summorum Pontificum

After fears of Summorum Pontificum was going to be watered down, as I stated here first, it would be, mainly because Pope Benedict XVI is not wishy washy,  I don't see him as taking away quickly what he first gives. Infact, the instruction in osme ways answers alot of questions that Summorum Pontificum raised.  And it even tells bishops to back off, and permit it, and offer priests and seminarians the oppprotunity to be formed in the EF and it clearly states that there is no number assciated with coetus who migh twant to EF in their parish or at that church, and no pastor should deny it if a priest wishes to celebrate it.  It should be allowed within the schedule of masses permitted in the parish.

It also goes on to say that the laws are enforced as they would have been enforced in 1962, therefore laws mise en rigeur after 1962 do not apply to the 1962 EF Mass.

Fr. Z. explains this and I will link to his articles here.

Now Fr. Z mentions 2 laws enacted after 1962.

One: female altar servers
Two: permanent diaconate

NOw as I read it

If neither altar girls or permanent deacons (this includes married permanent deacons)  were licit in 1962 they shouldn't be allowed in the 1962 Mass.

Now Fr. Z clearly and correctly argues that since altar girls were made licit after 1962, the law legitimizing altar girls does not apply to the 1962 Mass.  I concur.

But Fr. Z seems to think that permanent deacons are deacons are therefore have a role in the EF, that of deacon.  I disagree.

In 1962 the law stated that 1: only altar server was male  and 2: the only deacon permitted was the transitional deacon.

So As I see it, according to the Instruction. 

The EF cannot have Female Alar Servers or Permanent Deacons, especially not married Permanent Deacons.

But hey that's just me.


ignorant redneck said...

Puff--The dispute about permanent deacons in the EF came up in our parish. It was resolved by the pastor pointing out that permanent deacons were validly ordained deacons--and that the rules for the EF simply said "deacon". It would also seem to say that permanent deacons were not "as ordained" as celibate transitional deacons.

Considering that there have always been a permanent deacon around, here and there, even before 1967, that they are allowed. Consider St. Francis--a permanent deacon.

There is also the example of the Brazilian National Catholic Church--a schismatic body founded after WWII. They have maintained valid holy orders, even though they have married clergy. Their priest and deacons when returning to Rome, were received, even before Vatican II, and allowed to function. In fact, one of their bishops, who returned to Rome,attended VII, with his wife.

Also, considering that altar girls is the result of an Indult, not universal law, puts them in a different category than Deacons, who received a sacrament.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

So what happens in a parish, where people want the EF, and there are no altar boys. At my parish there are NO altar boys, not one, every year the call goes out for altar servers and only girls volunteer. So my parish can't have a EF mass, even if the priest can and wants to. Great just great.

And why? Because the boys of the parish would rather spend their Saturday mornings playing in the soccer league, or playing video games, than practicing serving the mass.

Also it has been shown that when girls' activity increases boys' activity decreases. Which is to say, we've had so many years of girls serving mass, it is no longer a boy's schtick, but a girl's thing.

As we all know boys won't be caught dead doing a girl's job. So there you have it.

How do we make it a boy's thing again?

Gabby said...

Why can't men step up to the plate? If adult males served wouldn't it make it attractive to the boys? Is there anything in the Roman Missal of 1962 that says that adult males can't be altar servers? My own father served Mass from the age of 12 to 41.

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