Friday, May 13, 2011

For crashed and other deadly computer problems, like blogger going nuts

As catholics we ask the saints to pray for us and intercede for us when we have a problem.  Those of us on blogger the last couple of days have had problems mainly because Blogger was trying to correct problems.  And who of us has not had problems with our machines.

Now we all know that St. Isidore is the patron of  Computers and the Internet.  But sometimes it isn't enough to just get a solution but we need a solution quickly.  For expidited solution I offer you St. Expeditus. 

I know that can't possibly be a real saint.  Well, yes and no.  No his name is probably St. Elipidius, who was a roman soldier defending Rome against the Barbarians, when he decided to become a christian.  The Devil appeared to him in the form of a raven and cried "cras, cras, cras" (Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow) to which Elipdius answered "hodie, hodie, hodie" (Today, today today)  So for quick solutions to problems ( like your computer dies and your daughter's essay is due the next day) Pray to Saint Elipdius (St.Expiditus)

Apparently his name cahnged from Elipidius to Expeditus because the nuns received a package containing his remains and it was marked Expedite, which they translated into Roman Expeditus.  (Is this true, I don't know, but it's just strange that it could be.)  Now why would there be a nine day novena, for a Patron of  quick  solutions or decisions but anyway  there you go.


Please note The tradition seems to be that when St. Expeditus has assisted in gaining your petitions for you, you are to promote him, as a Catholic Saint, because unfortunately this saint as been co-opted by the voodoo and hoodoo ists.  I have not yet prayed the novena, because, I haven't had to yet

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