Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Canada drops 240 'smart' bombs on Libya, won't reveal cost of mission

By Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press

OTTAWA — Canadian warplanes have dropped 240 laser-guided bombs on Libyan targets since March 31, the military says.

But the Canadian Forces have deemed several other key aspects of the country's mission in Libya too sensitive for public consumption.

That includes the cost to taxpayers of those 227-kilogram bombs, the price tag of the Libya mission to date, and whether or not Canadian jets are part of the escalating NATO attacks on the capital of Tripoli.

"There are many more details like this that could be deduced from an analysis of a lot of little pieces of information. That's the basis of why we have those concerns about operational security."

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We're bombing Libya and Layton wants to know about the cost, and then about the civilian casualties. 
What, he wants to work out a price per kill ratio.  WTF

Looks like we're involved in a "regime change."  (Don't flame me for quoting Bush)

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