Saturday, April 23, 2011

What to do When Hubby Builds a Home Altar

Yes you read that correctly.

He is building a home altar.

Now normal people might use a simple table and arrange on it a crucifix, some prayer books, the family's rosaries, the advent wreath(during advent.) etc etc.

But really, if we don't like that kind a simple table for an altar in church, why would we want a a simple table in our home.  After all it has to go with the organ he is building .

I'll keep buying my weekly lottery ticket so we can get the money necessary to actually have a house these will fit into.  (Notice I said ticket - singular) {Aside: If I am meant to win I only need one ticket}
Now what is needed for this altar are inlays for the Altar piece

I need an embroidery design of the Crucifixion, which would go in the centre.
I need an embrodiery design of Mary, Mater Dei (Generatrix Dei, Or Theotekos)  Bear likes Mary, Exterminatrix of Heresies.
and I need an embroidery design for Saint Joseph (Not sure between:as  The Worker, as Christ's Foster- Foster, or because of the pride of place that candy has in our house, as the Patron of Confectioners

Then we need a cover for the place where if this were full size and in a church it would be the tabernacle but will most probably only hold some of our secondary and tertiary relics and rosaries that we have.

Also I would need to embroider an altar cloth, but nothing that would suggest the Blessed Sacrament, because obviously it isn't that kind of altar.

So what do you think.  Where could I get the designs.  Then again he hasn't even told me what size these have to be. 

Other info: you might need to narrow your suggestions.

Our Ethnic Bakgrounds: Bear is Irish/English and I am Italian.
He has already built me an embroidery stand, so my designs need not be limited to the size of hoops
I don't like cross stitching much.

So any advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Put links in the combox

Hopefully he can get me photos to show you what I mean


ignorant redneck said...
Two things, and Two things only: 1--I just hung a crucifix on my wall, and am looking for another icon or two--I am definitly outclassed! 2--There is a New Meme at my place, and TAG--you're it.


Monica said...

This is so interesting. I love that you are really putting your "all" into making your home altar. Sounds beautiful. I look forward to seeing some pictures :)
Will have to show my husband your blog as he plays the organ for mass.

Chris said...

"The Origin of Florentine Painting 1100-1270" by Milkos Boskovits "Ars Sacra 800-1200" by Peter Lasko "Pictorial Arts of the West 800-1200" by C.R. Dodwell might serve well to give you some inspiration for any sacred art or decoration you use on your home chapel or altar.

Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

This is good idea, I have never thought to do so. Sure, will ask to my parents to do it.

- puff

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