Saturday, April 23, 2011

Well, One Candidate was out trying to get my vote

To bad she's a Liberal.

But she did present me with a flyer (folded in three to make it look like a brochure) of what the Liberal Platform is supposedly

The Liberal Party's Plan is to stand with Canadian Families by helping families with the cost of caring for sick or aging lived ones. 

The Liberal Family Care Plan inclusdes a new 6 month EI Maternity and Parental Leave Benefit,  and a New Family Care Tax Benefit model on the Child Tax Benefit. 

Then she goes on to state the numbers of how many Canadians are in the Sandwich generation.  .

This is the entire Liberal platform.  Canadian with sick elder parents.  Don't get me wrong.  Bear and I both have elderly mothers and we, along with our siblings help them alot., but there is more to running a country than helping to take care of our elderly.

She points out that the "conservtives want bigger prisons, faster jets and more lavish summits, while the Liberals want to help people, families and communitities"

First:  While help with families is very important, there is alot of help for families.  The CCEC is operated by the Provincial Government and are funded by provincial givernment and help mymom with morning meds, and check her blood sugar every morning. The resources are there on the provincial level, where they belong. Health is a Provincial Responsibility not a federal one. 
As For knocking the bigger prisons.  - Our old prisons are falling apart and and are in some cases decrepit.  It's not that I think prisoners should have the best in life- but shouldn't it be a least very difficult to escape.

As for the Faster Jets.  Please- it is about time.  Our Military is sorely under outfitted to do its job.  Though I would suggest that instead of getting all fighter jets, some workhorses like warthogs would be a good idea.

And as for the more lavish summits, well, ... no that one I have to give to the Liberals. Righteous critique.

One candidate assessed, now how many more to go.

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