Saturday, April 30, 2011

There is Hope for England Becoming Roman Catholic Again

Apparently the Future King Of England (and Canada) William and Prince Henry of Wales are through their mother related to a Roman Catholic Passionist Priest the Venerable Fr. Ignatius Spencer.

To find out more about his cause for Sainthood check out the Walshingham Project

Diana as you know, is the daughter of the 8th Earl Spencer, whose ancestral home is Althorpe. Her brother, William and Harry's uncle is the 9th Earl Spencer.

The Family history goes like this:

  • John Spencer, 1st Earl Spencer (1734–1783), a grandson of the 3rd Earl of Sunderland through his youngest son
  • George John Spencer, 2nd Earl Spencer (1758–1834), politician son of 1st Earl Spencer
  • John Charles Spencer, 3rd Earl Spencer (1782–1845), better known as Lord Althorp, politician son of 2nd Earl, brother to fourth Earl
  • Frederick Spencer, 4th Earl Spencer (1798–1857) son to 2nd Earl, brother to 3rd Earl
  • John Poyntz Spencer, 5th Earl Spencer (1835–1910), politician son of the Fourth Earl
  • Charles Robert Spencer, 6th Earl Spencer (1857–1922) 1/2 brother to fifth Earl , son of 4th Earl
  • Albert Edward John Spencer, 7th Earl Spencer (1892–1975), son of 6th Earl
  • (Edward) John Spencer, 8th Earl Spencer (1924–1992), son of seventh Earl,  father of Diana, Princess of Wales mother to William of Wales Future King of England

  • The Very Reverend Hon. George Spencer (later known as Father Ignatius Spencer (1799–1864)) was brother to the third and fourth Earls, and uncle to 5th & 6th Earls Spencer. Son of the 2nd Earl Spencer, making him Prince William's 4th great uncle.

  • ~* Please note that the above was put together from various Wikipedia Pages like the 2nd Earl's Page

    Hopefully that makes sense:

    Anyway, now back  to Venerable Fr. Ignatius of St. Paul

    "Father Ignatius of St Paul (1799–1864), born as Hon. George Spencer, was a son of the 2nd Earl Spencer. He converted from Anglicanism to the Roman Catholic Church and entered the Passionist Order in 1841 and spent his life working for the conversion of England to the Catholic faith." Also from Wikipedia

    He led a "crusade" for the conversion of England.  And called on the Faithful for prayers for that conversion.

    Oh if only the Venerable Father's prayer could be answered with a resounding YES

    Then there's the Archbishop of Canterbury's reaction to Coetibus Anglicanorum

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