Saturday, April 23, 2011

I have an Idea

Let's see how do I phrase this.

The way I see it, the Holy Father has declared that the Roman Rite has two forms of the Liturgy, the Ordinary and the Extraordinary.  Both a valid, licit, and beloved. 

The ArchBishop is the ultimate administrator of the sacraments in the Archidiocese.

He could order that a priest from every parish must be trained in both forms of the Mass.

There are 181 territorial churches, 43 personal parishes, and 4 mission churches. -224 parishes

10 parishes per month ( weekends) could be trained in the extra ordinary.  Working around the year, breaking for Christmas, and Easter, and every parish would have a qualified priest in the extraordinary form within 2 1/2 years.

Also make it obligatory and a requirement to learn the Extraordinary Form to be ordained in the Archdiocese of Toronto. That would mean every seminarian would know and be trained for both forms.

When you have the priests learning, at these weekends, you could also invite selected altar boys and the permanent deacons to also learn to serve the EF Mass

I know this is an over simplification.  But if Priests were to actually suggest and announce that it is possible to have an EF Mass now, I really think that they would come.  To paraphrase the movie.  If you form it, they will come.- Not that many parishioners know that it is permitted to even ask for this mass.  Many still think it isn't allowed any more.

Why deny the unschooled catholics a rich gift, just because they don't blog or read websites.

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