Saturday, April 23, 2011

Concious Men to go back to sleep and dream up something else


Mantilla nod to Hillary Jane Margaret Smith at Orville's Picnic

this is what radical feminazi radicalism has wrought in malekind.  Good Grief. They might as well, give up, go home, play for the other team. 

Ladies is this really what we want?  For my part, their apology sounds so patronizing.

UPDATE: Bear has a very good write up here - go read it


LarryD said...
I had to stop watching after 30 seconds as I could feel testosterone ooze from my body. I am so linking to this and giving it the AoftheA treatment it so justly deserves.
Puff the Magic Dragon said...
Please do. Everything I tried sounded just sad.
ignorant redneck said...
These "Men" are whimpy little whiners who wouldn't make a wart on a real mans

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