Saturday, April 23, 2011

Alternative Blognic

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I remember when the Vatican planned the 2002 World Youth Days in Toronto.  At some point in the ceremonies certain "catholics" decided to host their own "Alternative World Youth Days" called " Challenge the Church"

I find, when I read about this alternative Blognic, that what they are primarily afraid of is that they "Think" they will be criticized in some way, for slamming priests who disagreed with them.   The Vatican Bloggers meet won't "address a specific theme of general relevance." or that  they will not "speak of their experiences in working with new media and initiatives aimed at ensuring an effective engagement by the Church with bloggers."

They are concerned , because they have to fill out a form listing among other things their blogging info, that they will automatically not be approved, even though they have often stood up to local priest in support of Rome. To quote Ben and Jerry when they were being sued Pilsbury. "What are the doughboys afraid of?"

If I could afford to go to Rome, I would have filled out the form and secured my spot to go. And if I had been declined I would NOT have automatically assumed that I had been declined for any other reason but because there were already too many bloggers from Western Canada accepted, who had gotten their requests in before mine.

I may not always have agreed with these bloggers, who are planning an alternative blognic, but until now, I have never seen them so hostile to Rome, and so irrationally worried that they might, just might be told they are wrong by Rome. Good Grief. 

Here they have a chance to let Rome know about how their blogged views get them chastised by clerics or even other Catholics.   Here they would have a chance to tell and speak about their expriences.  And ask questions?  I would live to ask questions. And yet they put this endeavour down. Don't they have any questions about anything regarding blogging?  I guess not.  Gee they must be so lucky to have all the answers. So much so that they will talk amongst themselves.  Really, why bother spending all that money to meet in Rome, when they already talk amongst themselves with their blogs

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